Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OBIEE new features/enhancements

New features/enhancements, good stuff

  • Auto-Complete Functionality for Prompts:  When enabled by the administrator, auto-complete suggests and highlights matching prompt values as the user types in the prompt selection field
  • Optional Apply and Reset Buttons for Prompts:  You can show or hide a prompt's apply and reset buttons.
  • Miscellaneous Prompts Enhancements:  The prompt Reset button now provides three reset options: Reset to last applied values, Reset to default values, and Clear All.
  • Favorites:  You can now bookmark as favorites the catalog objects
  • Customizable Global Header and Get Started:  The order of the links on the global header can now be customized, and links to external locations can be added to the global header. The Get Started... section of the home page can also be customized to meet the informational needs of the users
  • Oracle BI Client Installer Option Added to the Home Page:  A link to the Oracle BI Client Installer has been added to the Download BI Desktop Tools option (just like it is for BI-Publisher Desktop)
  • Integrated Full-Text Search Capabilities:  This method of searching allows the user to find objects by searching on their attributes such as author and column name
  • Ability to Set Accessibility Mode in the Sign In Page:   Facilitates the use of a screen reader.
  • Enhancement to Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile
  • Enhancements to Tables and Pivot Tables
  • Enhancements to Map Views:  You can now include non-BI layers on a map view
  • Enhancements to Selections:  The ability to include selected members in hierarchy selections steps that are based on family relationships,  the addition of Siblings of and Leaves of options in family relationships.
  • Enhancements to Views:  The ability to rename views and compound layouts
  • BI Composer Enhancements: BI Composer is now available in regular mode as well accessibility mode