Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing with the Summary Advisor

The goal for this posting is to do a quick experiment with the new OBIEE feature "Summary Advisor" based on what I had a chance to learn about it and to document the steps:  For this I'll be using an "Exalyticless" setup with the following components
Oracle db
First there are few required steps that have to be done in TimesTen, the OBIEE RPD and the Weblogic enterprise manager.
Installation Guide
Once TimesTen is installed, create a new connection in SQL*Plus or SQL Developer. Once connected,  create a new user that will be used by the Admin Tool to connect to TimesTen.  

create user bi11g identified by Admin123;
grant create table to bi11g;
grant select on SYS.OBJ$ to bi11g;
grant create session to bi11g;

Create a new connection to SQL Developer for bi11g and a table BI_TABLE. BI_TABLE will be used to test the connection pool for the Summary Advisor 
Column Name: COLUMN1 (VARCHAR2(4000))

Add one row of data just for testing

OBIEE Admin Tool
Log into the Admin Tool and create a connection pool to the TimesTen instance, this will be used by Summary Advisor as a target data store.

Enable the COMPRESS_COLUMNS to cause the Summary Advisor to create aggregates in TimesTen using the Compressed Columns capability.

WL Enterprise Manager
  • Need to make sure that the Usage Tracking parameters and the Summary Advisor settings are set correctly. 
  • Log into WL enterprise manager and navigate to the “System MBean Browser”

  • Navigate to the BIDomain.BIInstance.ServerConfiguration 

We need to make sure that the values are in sync with the repository settings.
Now that we’re done with the settings, we can test our system without the Summary Advisor feature implemented; this will serve as a reference that will be used for comparison once the Summary Advisor is implemented. This will be the topic of a future posting.